Greg Weeks

  Awake Like Sleep
Ba Da Bing! (USA)/
Alice In Wonder (France)
October, 2001/ January, 2002

1. "These Days"
2. "Made"
3. "One True Song"
4. "East 5th Street"
5. "Past Four Corners"
6. "I Will Fall To Meet Her"
7. "Ash Rising"
8. "Sleep Right"
9. "Sun Way Off"

" Awake Like Sleep " can be downloaded in its entirety at emusic .

What Greg Weeks had to say about his album: Brought to you buy the "stay awake site" Interdope

"Though Awake Like Sleep is a conceptual work, it is threaded together by the emotional state I was in while writing seven of its nine pieces. "Made" and " Ash Rising" excepted, these cuts were born out of the depression and frustration that resulted from continual, chronic hand and arm pain (amongst other ailments) which made it all but impossible to write or play music on the guitar. A low period all around, I had moved into a microscopic apartment in the East Village, where I battled hallway-shitting pets, sloping floors, breezeless heat, and the putrid stench of the decaying tenant below, all the while reeling from the gnawing fear that my primary means of catharsis was no longer accesable. One fall evening I slunk past an upscale junk shop specializing in 50s kitch, only to find a child's toy organ out front and listed for sale. I tried it out, fell in love with the harmonium-like wheeze of the thing, and absconded with it into my room. From that point on I wrote almost entirely on the shit-brown instrument, adorning it with Warriors cut-outs and random scraps of sentiment.

The resulting songs were unsurprisingly grim; droney little screeds on death and hopelessness -- the emotional terrain I mostly succeeded in hiding from friends and co-workers. Pretentious-sounding or not, I was writing straight from my heart, and wasn't in any way interested in sugar-coating or demystifying the material. I desperately wanted to move away from self-absorption in my lyrics, yet found myself unable to do so. My music is me, and there is no escaping that fact.

After a while I headed into the studio to begin tracking, but the sessions were unsuccesfull. The chord organ just wasn't workable as the basis for an entire album. So, at the end of my rope, I scrapped the project and left it for dead, all the while wondering if I'd release another album at all. Some time later, it ocurred to me that I could take a different approach; that, by enlisting friends to play the main parts, I could enlargen the original idea and rework the songs for larger forces. To shorten this tale, that's exactly what happened. Though I ended up playing a large number of instruments on record, it was thanks to the talents of three or four of my musicianly friends that the project came to fruition. Chief among those friends, I should mention, is Jesse Sparhawk, the single most important contributer to the record.

And so you have it, the story in the shell of a nut. One word about the cover art. I froze my nuts off lying in that snow! But it was worth it. Steve Rose did an amazing job, don't you think?"

"These Days"

All stuck sitting in a row/
friends and faces all I know/
will they crumble by my hand/
or will they pull me through/
These days they wither on the vine/
come young children so divine/
harvest me your memories/
and warm my holiness


A silence a sway/
a gesture a wild sashay/
can make your today/
and then take it all away/
They made us this way/
for what they can never say/
sent us on our way/
it's useless to make them pay/

Holding ground

"Just live for today"/
'least that's what they try and say/
they say "Pay, pay, pay/
and we'll take your pain away/

Holding Ground

So much for today/
so much for the days of May/
so much is passe/
please just make it fade away

"Past Four Corners"

Further, further down the stairs/
further from the air/
all four corners won't get you there/
I will, I will see the end/
I will beat again/
despite all forces, and cosmic plans

"East 5th Street"

Down South, where the earth is cold/
and skies, the trees scaffold/
unwelcome evidence/
provokes our best defense/
We hum, but we speak no words/
in hopes that our fears will burst/
and spray us heaven towards/
a welcome last repose/
how long can it last?

"One True Song"

to meet the dawn/
oh and sing/
the one true song/
Endless tacts/
entry contracts/
will burn your soul/
a bible black/
will try to hide/
oh some will run/
their ins outside/
before they'll rise/
to meet the dawn/
oh and sing/
the one true song/
Oh Lord/
where will we hide/
now that you/
have taken sides?/
I want to sleep

"I Will Fall To Meet Her"

When darkness settles in/
find dark thoughts begin/
crowding in again/
seems I'm growing thin/
In this hollow town/
find I'm slipping down/
in constant turnaround/
life without a sound/
Why does time softly dissintegrate/
those whose lives quickly degenerate/
Outsiders shine their lights/
set fires in the night/
while insiders die of fright/
and dissapear from sight/
Bleeding out, soundlessly slipping in/
thawless kiss, doubling back again/
Over and over/
I will fall to meet her/
she is my familiar/
ghostly aspiration/
Under pale gradations/
dreaming into azure/
dripping red and tincture/
under pale gradations/
Why does time softly dissintegrate/
those whose lives quickly degenerate/
Bleeding out, soundlessly slipping in/
thawless kiss, doubling back again

"Ash Rising"

All the little ones are waiting/
for the one to call them out/
silent in the fields they're shaking/
pinching so as not to shout/
When will we rise?/
Ash silently rising/
We are on the side of evil/
tell us does it hurt to breathe/
down here we are kept in secret/
loneliness our sole belief/
When will we rise?/
Ash silently rising/
Cradled in the arms of midnight/
swollen and serenely bare/
will the hour of atonement/
find us feeling barely there/
Ash silently rising

"Sleep Right"

Sleep while/
others howl around you/
eyes quiet/
show them how to be/
Breed them vile/
Turn down/
smile and let them feel/
your life/
what it means to lie/
My line/
bleeding out and shaken/
bringing down the dream/
You're not to blame

"Sun Way Off"

We broke for air/
and found no air was there/
searched grand designs/
but no signs did we find/
We watched the road/
drift slowly beneath our heels/
and passed a match/
between our oil-soaked clothes/
Sun lay, some way off/
Down through dragged days/
cut clean our memories laid/
outside to dry/
past eagerness to try/
We engineered/
anti-climax and demon-seed/
and prophesied/
our own unsung demise
Sun lay, some way off/
And try as we may/
in some silent way
to rise in the night, and spent/
to cool out the day/
We scurry and hide/
beneath our designs/
while all of our hopes, lie crushed/
they churn with the tide/
Yet with stars in our eyes/
and the tide at our sides/
we cave from the cold/
and angle our heels towards the sky/
And finding our way/
to endings we say
"You may know me now but today/
is only today"/
We dissapeared/
from the darkness we once feared/
We dissapeared/
into darkeness we once feared/
Sun lay, some way off

What Greg had to say


"This year marks my first attempt at doing a showcase. Helpfull or not to the struggling indie artist, CMJ rolls into town Halloween weekend, and my name will be amongst the thousand other names screaming for attention from the pages of Time Out, The Village Voice, New York Press, and other sundry local listing sorces. We play on the very first day. We had been scheduled for Friday night at The Living Room, but I'm flying to Spain then, so it might not have worked. Feel like braving the hordes to come out an support the band? No? I don't blame you!"


"I might not update this first page very often (a mistake, I know), but that's cause I spend most of my time updating the performance diary, a link to which lives on the live gig page of this site. I have a bunch of shows still to write about, and I'm scouring my brain for past gigs that happened before I uploaded the page, but I'm keeping pretty thorough count, so have a looksie if you at all care about what goes down around a gig of mine. There are some odd tales to be told, and I'm telling them. Oh, and I have a lot of new pics to upload there as well, just gotta get them outta my camera and onto the scanner."


"Terrastock V looms ever closer, as does the Tanned Tin festival happening in Santander, Spain. Both are events I'm quite excited about. I do regret having to inform all you folks in France, Belgium and Germany that, due to some very strange events having to do with my European label, the proposed November tour (which was mere days away from finalization) will not be happening. Hopefully something will be scheduled in the future. I am hoping to play a show or two in Italy after the Spanish fest, and will announce any developments on the gig page as they take form."


"Still slated for November release is the forthcoming EP, Slightly West. Acuarela Discos are waiting breathlessly for me to get them the finalized masters of the recording, and I'm dying to get the mastering done! Things move very slow when you don't have money enough to make them move fast. I am exceedingly happy to announce that Brooklyn painter Tracy Nakayama will be supplying the cover art. Tracy is a great gal, and a fantastic artist, and I'm super-thrilled that she accepted this project."


"Once I get to my scanner, which is packed away somewhere (no, I still have no home to call my own), I'll update the releases page with an Alice In Wonder cd comp to which I supplied a solo acoustic track. And soon enough, a double-cd compilation out on Dark Holler showcasing some of the foremost talents in the underground folk scene (the same one that MOJO got disasterously wrong in a recent and surprisingly hyperbolic and none-to-thorough article) should arrive in my mailbox, and will make its way in scanned form next to the Alice disc on the releases page. My contribution to the Holler comp. is a perhaps indulgant seven minutes of gong and ARP drone which feeds nicely into a guitar and organ-bass-pedalled ditty. I recorded the thing in a nice multi-track studio facility. The piece harkens from about two years back, so it's a bit of a time-capsule for me, really. It set the stage for Awake Like Sleep, but I'll get into all that on the notes page of this site whence the disc comes available to do up correctly."


"Which brings me to the Spirit Of Orr split 7", which should find its way into manufacture any day now. The only reason it hasn't surfaced already is due to bad logistics and my own dilly dallying. Soon though, very very soon. That's about it for now. Thanks for stopping by."